Emil Andersson

I am a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Department of Philosophy, Uppsala University, and an Affiliated Researcher at the Institute for Futures Studies.

My work is within analytic political philosophy, with a special focus on the philosophy of John Rawls. I have published on liberal legitimacy and the idea of justifiability to citizens, the justification of public reason, the problem of the basis of equality, and contractualism and future generations. My postdoctoral project Extending Liberal Legitimacy is funded by a three-year international postdoc grant from the Swedish Research Council, and is primarily devoted to exploring previously neglected issues at the intersection of liberal legitimacy and intergenerational ethics. Relatedly, I am also currently working on the relation between stability and legitimacy, and justice between generations.

I have previously been a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Department of Philosophy, McGill University, and affiliated with the Centre de recherche en éthique (CRÉ). Before that, I was a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Institute for Futures Studies, in the project Climate Ethics and Future Generations.

I am also an editor for the Swedish political philosophy journal Tidskrift för politisk filosofi.

Photo: Cato Lein

Selected recent publications

JCP - 2024 - Andersson - Autonomy, community, and the justification of public reason FIRSTVIEW.pdf

"Autonomy, Community, and the Justification of Public Reason", Canadian Journal of Philosophy (2024) [FirstView].

JOET - 2022 - Andersson - Freedom, Equality, and Justifiability to All - Reintepreting Liberal Legitimacy.pdf

"Freedom,  Equality, and Justifiability to All: Reinterpreting Liberal Legitimacy", The Journal of Ethics (2022) Vol. 26: 591-612.

Contact: emil.andersson [at] filosofi.uu.se